Consumer Financing

If you have gone through the other sections and pages of our website you will realize that we have said contact us and we’ll get you the best value product for your budget. Keeping true to our word we can guide you with financing options should you require them. As an example, Ruud offers financing for its products in collaboration with Synchrony Bank. This financing option works in your favor and will expand your purchasing power allowing you to get comfortable within a budget you can afford*. Some of its features are:

  •          Easy payments that you can make monthly
  •          You will get the best interest rates
  •          You won’t be penalized for prepayment
  •          The process is simple and quick
  •          You get access to unsecured and generous credit lines
  •          You will also have the option for an open credit line for future purchases should you require them

Also, with the synchrony bank Kwikcomfort financing, you get access to several financial promos, unlike with regular VISA® and MasterCard®, that can include:

  •          Deferred interest
  •          Equal payments will not be charged interest
  •          Interest rates that are quite low compared to most bank card rates.

*This is if you are approved, you will need to make minimum monthly payments among other conditions, please talk to a representative at Wayne’s for more information.

Jeff did a wonderful job replacing our old ac unit. He was courteous and professional. I had to contact him a couple of times before the install and he always got back to me right away. Great customer service and I highly recommend.

- Toni Hobgood