How to Keep Your Home Cooler in Summer to Keep the HVAC Power Consumption Low?
August 2021

How to Keep Your Home Cooler in Summer to Keep the HVAC Power Consumption Low?

Let’s face it. It is nearly impossible to live without a working HVAC during summer. But one common reason why people are conscious about their HVAC usage is the high energy bills that come with it. At Wayne’s Heating and Air, our company gets called in for several HVAC-related issues; one of the most common ones is consuming too much power. While several issues can cause an HVAC to utilize too much energy, often the cause is not a problem with the unit itself but other related factors. It is not uncommon that we get called in for an a/c that uses excess energy only to find out that either there are some issues with the house itself or the way homeowners are using the unit. So if you are looking for ways to keep the home cooler in summer and take the excess load off your air-con, then we suggest you keep reading this article until the end.

Home Cooling Tips From Air Conditioning Repair Companies That Keep The Energy Consumption Low

If your home’s indoor temperature is lower, your a/c unit will have to work less to maintain an ideal temperature. It seems straightforward, right? However, air conditioning repair companies such as us often come across households that keep their homes unnecessarily hot without even knowing it, leading to common HVAC problems. So naturally, their HVAC units compensate by consuming much more power. So without further ado, here are some tips on keeping your home cooler and preventing your air-con from working too hard:

Fix any sources of air drafts:

Drafts of air inside your home may seem harmless, but they can have a significant role in keeping your home hotter than it should be. Outside air is hotter in summer, and when it makes its way inside your home through tiny cracks and holes, it raises the indoor temperature. So by simply detecting and fixing any sources of drafts inside your home, you can effectively keep your home cooler, and your a/c will, in turn, work less, and your energy bills will drop.

Use windows wisely:

Just like sources of draft windows are also a source of hot air. However, during evenings when the outdoor air is comparatively cooler, they can act as sources of cool air. So by keeping the windows shut and using curtains during hot summer days, you can keep the inside temperature low. On the other hand, if the outdoor temperature drops at night, you can open the windows and let cool air inside cool your home. However, you should also keep humidity in mind when using your windows, and if it is too humid outside, it is best to keep the windows shut 24/7 to keep the load off of your air-conditioner.

Ensure your HVAC temperature setting is higher at night:

As mentioned above, outdoor temperatures drop significantly during night times which means you don’t need to keep your HVAC running at lower temperatures. So HVAC companies recommend setting the temperature higher during night times so you can still get comfort while making your unit use less energy.

Keeping a regular maintenance schedule for your HVAC and following these simple tips can keep your unit’s energy consumption low. So if you are looking for an air conditioning repair company, you can check out our air conditioning services.

Our A/C went out and, though he could not come out that evening because he was so busy, Wayne kindly took the time to walk my husband through a temporary fix so that we did not suffer without a/c. He came the next day and competently replaced a damaged part for a very reasonable fee. We are so pleased with him and highly recommend him!

- Davelyn Vignaud