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Air duct sealing is crucial to any HVAC system regardless of how big or small it may be. When the air ducts are not properly sealed, problems like cold areas and inefficient cooling arise and electricity bills rise along with them. A lot of people don’t understand what’s wrong with their system and oftentimes end up replacing their otherwise perfectly fine units that just need some work. Don’t waste your money and let us fix the problem for you. Us at Wayne’s Heating and Air Conditioning make sure no leaks are left behind so your AC keeps working at peak condition!

Why should you consider getting Air Duct Sealing Services?

Sealing AC duct work is a gentle process and requires close attention as you don’t want to damage the ducts. Our experienced crew is well equipped for the job and can complete it to satisfaction. Here’s why you should consider getting Air Duct Sealing services:

Comfort and Indoor Quality:

Sealing the ducts properly and insulating them so there are no holes left behind can help solve the too hot too cold room problem. It's when a room in the house gets too hot in the summers or too cold in the winters. A uniform level of temperature throughout the house requires careful sealing of the ducts.

Another big aspect of proper duct sealing is indoor quality. If your ducts have holes, unwanted and potentially harmful fumes of chemicals or traffic smoke may enter into the house causing it to fill with it. This is dangerous when it comes to health and should be remedied immediately. We put your health above everything else and fully understand the importance of a well-sealed duct system.


The globe is slowly warming up and climate change is real. The Earth’s temperature has risen at a steady rate of 0.08 degrees Celsius which may sound like nothing but it’s not. It is very dangerous and is contributing toward global warming. You can help make an impact by having a ducting system that has no seams or holes from where air can escape or enter. As there will be no leaks, your system will have to use less energy to keep the house warm or cool and hence there will be a lesser need to burn fossil fuels. Get the best air duct sealing services from Wayne’s Heating and Air Conditioning and help make an impact!

Save Money:

Did you know? A leaking duct system can reduce the efficiency of your AC upto 20% which you feel when the rooms are not as hot or cold as you want them to be and the electricity bills come sky high. Properly sealing and closing your duct system improves the efficiency of airflow thereby reducing the cost of your bills. This also becomes a factor when you are looking to get a new HVAC system installed which we can also do for you. When you get a new one installed, you can have the ducting replanned and use a smaller one instead. A small ducting system is more compact and easy to control hence it can be tightly packed to ensure no leaks occur.

When it comes to air duct sealing and cleaning, our services are second to none. We excel at everything HVAC and that includes helping you decide what system to buy and guide you through the process. Your wish is our command and we make it a mission to execute it to the best of our ability. You won’t be disappointed with the results! 

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