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We at Wayne's Heating and Air conditioning have the expertise to install, service, and repair furnaces through our Gas Furnace Repair Service in Blairsville, GA. Considered to be the first form of air conditioning, gas furnaces were preceded by wood or coal-burning models, either directly through pipes or ducts they would heat a room or an entire house in the cold winters in Georgia.

New Installation

If you are moving into an older home or building, chances are these furnaces are already there and will be providing heating in the winters through a duct system in the various rooms of the building. If you want a new gas furnace to replace your old unit or want to install it in a new place our staff can help you while keeping your needs in mind. We can help ensure that the furnace is capable of meeting your heating requirements while maintaining efficiency so that it stays within your budget.

Regular Gas Furnace

As mentioned, furnaces were the first form of HVAC ever installed in a home, office, or room. The old ones used coal and wood to burn and create heat which would then travel along pipes to heat the building. Then came the gas furnace which used a pilot to start the burning process of the gas and using a heat exchanger and a system of pipes and ducts to carry the warm air to all areas of a place. The problem with gas furnaces is that there is a byproduct of the process called carbon monoxide, it is a dangerous gas and if proper measures are not taken to vent this furnace’s exhaust out it can be a health hazard as well fatal. That is why professional furnace repair and installation companies are needed to ensure the proper working of a gas furnace. Modern-day gas furnaces are more complex. To provide better and more efficient heating they have a second heat exchanger that uses the exhaust heat escaping through the vents too. This provides much greater efficiency.

Gas Furnace Repair Service in Blairsville GA

As the gas furnace technology becomes more efficient, it becomes more complex. Proper maintenance and expert heating and gas furnace repair services in Blairsville, GA, are essential not only for efficient heating but for safety reasons as well. As we mentioned, a byproduct of gas furnaces is carbon monoxide, and hence, they need to have a proper venting system. If, for some reason, the venting system is not airtight or gets blocked it can be dangerous. The new high-efficiency models come with another side effect: they release slightly acidic byproducts that, if not properly vented or disposed of, can damage chimneys and bricks within the house. Therefore, a reliable furnace repair and installation company like ours must know what they are doing. We at Wayne’s ensure that our staff is up to date with the latest in heating and gas furnace repair services and are trained and skilled enough to handle all problems with furnaces.

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