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If you have ever discussed how you can save money on heating and cooling costs then you must have come across the heat pump. Heat pumps are not a new technology they have been around for a few decades now. The thing that makes them most attractive is that they can save you money. Wayne's Heating and Air conditioning offer all kinds of Heat Pumps Repair Services in Blairsville, GA – including advice on which one to buy, to its installation, maintenance, and repair.

What is a Heat Pump?

You probably already have heat pumps working for you in one way or another. Your refrigerator is an example of a heat pump, if you have an air conditioner installed that is an example of a heat pump. A dual heating and cooling air conditioner is an example of a heat pump – the split air conditioner is the best example. It does not use any external energy source to produce the cooling or heating effect. That is why it is so energy efficient. It has a compressor that moves the coolant to and from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit or vice versa to produce a cooling or heating effect. There are inverter technology units now that use even less electricity.


We recommend the installation be done by professionals and those with experience. Although the mechanism of the heat pump might sound simple enough but there are other things to consider during the installation. Such as the size of the room and the heating capacity of the heat pump unit. Also, making sure that the pipes and electrical connections between the outdoor and indoor unit are done correctly. Otherwise, it can cause a malfunction or worse damage to the heat pump. We ensure that our staff is trained on the workings of the heat pump from older models to the latest tech.

Heat Pumps Repair Services Blairsville, GA

Timely servicing of a heat pump is essential for it to work at its optimum level. One thing that should be kept in mind is that maintenance should be done by trained and experienced technicians. The same thing goes for repairs, usually, heat pumps have a life of about 15 to 20 years or longer if proper maintenance is done on time. If repairs are required, then it should be done by people who know what they are doing. We at Wayne's heating and Air conditioning have highly trained staff to make sure our customers get the best-concerning Heat Pumps Repair Services Blairsville, GA.

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