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Regular maintenance and air conditioning duct inspection of your HVAC system is not just for its longevity but for your safety as well. The biggest reason for skyrocketing energy bills, bad air quality, dirty ducts, and odors with no apparent source is poorly maintained HVAC systems. Let us help you with that and bring your HVAC system back to prime working conditions. We at Wayne’s Heating and Air Conditioning pay close attention to air duct networks and clean carefully, keeping in mind not to damage the system while doing so. Our HVAC duct inspection services are just what you need to prepare for the new season.

Why Consider Taking Our Air Duct Inspection Services?

Heating duct inspection is a crucial part of HVAC maintenance and should never be overlooked. Here’s why:

Reveals Damage:

Ducting systems are bound to at least crack if not break with extended use over time. These cracks not only reduce the efficiency of your system but can also pollute the air by letting harmful chemical fumes or traffic smoke into your house. A thorough inspection of the air duct system can reveal damage if any and allows us to fix it timely so you don’t run into major problems down the road. Our expert team can take care of any leaks or cracks so there is nothing for you to worry about.


Believe it or not, animals and pests can make their way into your ducting system. You may see everything from pests to rodents nesting there. These animals usually get into the ducts to protect themselves from the cold winter outside and leave behind waste and bits of food. Some of them can even die in the ducts and the odor is overwhelming. A proper air duct inspection can help us locate if there is such a problem and finally help you answer where that unexplainable putrid smell is coming from.

Getting Rid of Mold:

Mold loves growing wherever there is moisture and air ducts are full of moisture especially during the winter when they have to pump in warm air. Micro particles from a mold can start blowing into your house with the air that comes in and can prove to be harmful. Not only this but they also produce a bad smell that becomes too much to bear. Our inspection will do a complete check on the air ducts to make sure there is no mold that can affect your air quality in any way.

Now that you know how important it is to get proper air duct inspection for your HVAC system, it will help to get your services from a reliable source like ourselves. We specialize in everything HVAC and have been doing it for many years. Our expertise along with experience that only comes with putting in time can give you the peace of mind you deserve before the next season starts. Under our supervision, your air duct system will be clean and good as new!

We know you value quality over quantity and no one likes getting maintenance for their systems again and again while the electricity bills keep climbing. Give us a chance and you won’t regret your decision.


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