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Like all HVAC systems, an air conditioner requires services. Maintenance and repairs that ensure a long lifetime for your unit — something that should never be ignored and always paid close attention to. Good AC services are hard to come by but say no more as Wayne’s Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help whenever you need it. That’s right! We can work closely with you to diagnose the problems you are experiencing with the unit and remedy them with the help of our skilled technicians. Our know-how and level of expertise is just what you need in your corner before the summer hits!

What Our AC Services Include?

We provide top quality AC services that include maintenance, repair, and replacement. Here is what we have to offer when it comes to servicing your AC.

Cleaning Air Filters:

Air filters are installed in an AC to collect all the debris from the air so the AC can pump in fresh cool air. With time, the filters get dirty and need proper cleaning. Not only that but the holder that clips the filters into the unit needs cleaning as well. All of these cleaning services are included in the AC services we provide. Let us do the hard part so you don’t have to worry about your AC’s health.

Thermostat Calibration:

Thermostats, although extremely useful, are also sensitive equipment. Their calibration can go out if debris collects inside them or if they are bumped. It is part of our services to offer you a recalibration of the thermostat so your AC shows the right temperature at all times. Temperatures have effects on moods and we want you to get what you see on the display.

Blower Components and Electrical Connections:

The blower component is responsible for blowing cool air into the room while the AC processes more air and cools it down. Sometimes, the blowers malfunction or stop working as efficiently as it did before. Likewise, the electrical components include all the wiring and CPU that runs on it and they can get faulty as well. This is indicated by a burning smell at which point you should definitely seek help. One call and we are there to help you out! All of these problems can be avoided if you get your AC serviced timely.

Refrigerant Pressure:

This is a crucial part of every AC. Refrigerant is the gas that cools down air before pumping it in. If the gas leaks, the pressure goes down and the AC stops cooling. This is easily discernible when you don’t feel any difference even after a few minutes of cooling. The gas leak can be a hazard to you and your family as well since it is dangerous and should not be breathed in. If you face a gas leak, immediately call us and have the leak fixed. It’s for your own safety as well as that of your loved ones. Getting your AC serviced keeps these things in check so you never run into such issues to begin with. Give our services and team a chance and you would love what you get!

We know the struggle of not being able to find good service for your AC on time and going into summers ill prepared. We want this worry out of your life. Our knowledge and expertise is second to none and one of the best in the Blairsville area. Contact us now and we will guide you through the process!



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