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Though radiant heaters and heat pumps work well to keep your house and office warm, furnaces may be a better option because they’re way cheaper than their counterparts. Wayne Heating and Air provides top-notch furnace installation services to ensure that your heating requirements are met at affordable prices. Our experts also examine your current HVAC to determine if you need gas furnace repairs or need to install a new system to provide you with better heat throughout your home and office. 

The Furnace Installation Process We Follow

Calculating Heating Requirements

Wayne Heating and Air always systematically serves all its customers to ensure the quality and productivity of services. We begin furnace installation in Wayne by calculating the heating requirements. That includes considering the size of the building, number, size, and types of windows, location, and climate of that area.

Finding Suitable Options 

Different types and sizes of furnace installations in Georgia have different heating capacities, calculated in British Thermal Units (BTU). The calculation of BTU also depends on the size of the house or office and the number of people usually present there. Wayne Heating and Air consider finding a suitable option to install in your building to ensure that you’re comfortable inside. 

Strategy Formulation

The next step we take is developing a strategy to install your new furnace without creating much disturbance. It involves visiting the site and examining the whole building. That allows our experts to analyze where to fix the pipes, ducts, connections, and drains. 

Installing New Furnace

After the strategy is developed, our experts provide furnace installation services. We take carefully calculated measures to ensure that equipment is placed at the right spot and that all the electrical and gas connections are secure to ensure the productivity and safety of the furnace and everyone in the building.

Setting Up Thermostat

The experts at Wayne Heating and Air have always advised customers that the thermostat and its settings play a vital role in ensuring that the furnace installation is working properly. That is why we always set the thermostat right after furnace installation in Wayne, ensuring that your home and office get the required warm or cold air.

Test Run 

After the thermostat is set and adjusted, it’s time to give the furnace a test run to check if it works properly and produces the desired results. Wayne Heating and Air waste no time working on it and resolving the issue, if our experts find any problems or weak points.

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