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Your furnace could be the only thing you need to replace to make your HVAC system work efficiently, providing the required heat throughout your home or office. Wayne Heating and Air is the service provider you need for furnace replacement in GA. For years, we have been doing that for customers, ensuring they get the indoor comfort they deserve. That could be possible through furnace repair services, but sometimes you have to replace it for a better experience. 

Average Lifespan of a Furnace 

There are no hard and fast rules to determine how long a furnace lasts. It mostly depends on the manufacturing quality and how you use the equipment. However, the average lifespan of a furnace may be more or less 20 years. If you avail yourself of the furnace maintenance services provided by Wayne Heating and Air, you can extend the productive time of your furnace.

Factors That Shorten the Life Heating System and Lead to Furnace Replacement

We have created a list of some factors that shorten the lifespan of your heating system and determine that it’s time to replace it to get the performance you expect. 

Age of the System 

While many believe that old is gold, the experts at Wayne Heating and Air for furnace installation services in Blairsville testify that the older the equipment gets, the chances of it breaking down increase. However, if you choose our furnace maintenance services, your system may work fine for up to 30 years.

Location & Ventilation 

One significant factor that we have found to compromise the lifespan of your furnace is the spot in your home where it is fitted and the amount of ventilation it receives. If it is not placed away from the wall and there is a lot of moisture in that area, your furnace will not last long, and you’ll have to consider replacing it as soon it possible. 


Wayne Heating and Air is a furnace maintenance company that has always taken employee satisfaction very seriously, so we provide quality furnace installation services to our customers. One important reason is that installation determines the lifespan of the equipment. If the furnace isn’t placed right and the connections aren’t secure, your system may not last even a few years.

Professional Maintenance

Professional furnace repair and installation services have a vital role in increasing the life of your equipment. Wayne Heating and Air provide top-notch and quality services to customers, helping them increase the time their systems work efficiently.

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