Must Know Furnace Tips by Blairsville GA Heating Repair Provider
February 2022

Must Know Furnace Tips by Blairsville GA Heating Repair Provider

Though professionals are always here to help you with all kinds of repairs with the heating system; however, it is better that homeowners should also know about their furnace. For instance, the homeowner should have tips and tricks up their sleeves to handle small repairs. As a leading Blairsville GA heating repair provider, our experts have prepared the guide for you, so you won’t have to depend on external help for even the smallest of repairs completely. In this guide, we have discussed several things related to your furnace repair that will be extremely helpful for you during the season.

Signs You Have to Call for Blairsville GA Heating Repair

Although the age of the HVAC system is the main reason for repair, do remember it is not the only one. Even the units could start acting weird if they are neglected for proper care and maintenance. Therefore, to help you find out if you need repair for your system, here are some signs enlisted by Wayne Heating and Air:

Uncomfortable Temperature 

If your home is getting too cold or hot, it can indicate an issue with the furnace. This improper functioning and substandard performance can be due to worn-out components, dirty or clogged filters, or even a loose belt. 

Higher Heating Cost

Normal working furnaces are energy efficient. So, if you suddenly see a spike in your energy bills without any reasonable explanation, it might be time for you to look for a Blairsville GA heating and air service provider. 

Hot & Cold Spots Around the House 

Wear and tear, damage, and clogging lead to the issues like uneven heating around the house. An efficient unit should be able to heat every corner of the house equally. So, if you feel there are hot and cold spots throughout the house, it might be time to call in our repair technicians.

Furnace Troubleshooting Tips by Our Blairsville GA Heating and Air Company

For some basic and simple fixes, the homeowners can resolve it themselves. However, the problem starts when they don’t know how to do it. That is the reason we have prepared these tips for you to take care of the HVAC unit.

Check the Filter

If the filters are clogged, the adequate airflow and the indoor air quality get affected. To prevent this problem, make sure to check the filter at least once a month and clean it. However, if it still isn’t enough to save you from the heating troubles, call Wayne Heating and Air. 

Check Thermostat 

Make sure to change the thermostat batteries periodically. Also, check to see no dirt and debris gets accumulated. You can use a soft brush to remove the dust and other particles.

Check Pilot Light 

When the furnace is switched on, ensure the pilot light is on. If you have to re-flame the furnace, follow the guidelines mentioned in the manual. However, before re-flaming, check for gas leaks. If you smell gas, turn off the system right away and call our technicians. 

Check the Vents 

Do a visual inspection to see the vents are open – because if they are blocked, the system won’t run efficiently. Make sure to remove the obstructions so that they can work properly.These are some home troubleshooting tips provided by our Blairsville GA heating repair provider. You’ll be able to resolve the small fixes yourself without depending on anyone else. However, if you still fail to see the results after this, it is time to call in professionals. Our experts will then help you identify the real problems behind these issues.

Repair or Replacement!

Sometimes the repairs will not be sufficient. You may have to think about replacing the whole unit at that time. When our technicians from the HVAC company come to your site, we will properly inspect the system to help you find what’s the best solution for you. To know more about Blairsville GA heating repair services, move on to our next section.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What are the most common furnace repairs?

Most of the common furnace repairs required include:

  • Cleaning the dirty ducts

  • Changing filters

  • Replacing heat exchangers & components, among others

  1. Can you fix a furnace yourself?

If it is a small repair, you can do it yourself. Your best bet, though, is to have a checklist for maintenance to avoid any serious problems. 

  1. What to do if the furnace stops working?

Nothing is worse than having a furnace stop working on a cold winter night. However, it may happen for several reasons, including a poor maintenance schedule. In this case, call technicians at Wayne Heating and Air right away, so we make the repairs as soon as possible.


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