What are the most common space heating alternatives in North GA? Guide by Wayne’s Heating and Air
February 2021

What are the most common space heating alternatives in North GA? Guide by Wayne’s Heating and Air

North GA winters might not be as chilly as other parts of the country, but you still need to heat your home during winter to maintain a comfortable living environment. While insulation of your home might be able to keep some cold out, you have to add some heating mechanism to your home. At Wayne’s heating and the air, we fulfill the heating and air conditioning needs of Blairsville and other surrounding areas. We commonly get asked about the options available for heating the home. There are usually two major types of heating alternatives common in North GA, and we will help you understand each one, so read on.

Common Heating Options As Per The Top Air Conditioning Installation Company

Generally, here in Georgia, even though the winters are mild in comparison, the need for heating is still there. The two heating alternatives you might be familiar with are gas furnaces and heat pumps. As a reputed air conditioning installation company in GA, we offer installation and repair services for both heat pumps and gas furnaces. Here is how both of these heating options compare to one another:

Gas Furnace:

Gas furnaces are one of the most common heating systems in the USA, and North GA is no exception. Gas furnaces offer efficiency, durability, and soundless operation that homeowners love. Being relatively cheap to run, gas furnaces are favored compared to other options. Many HVAC companies, including us, recommend gas furnace services to homeowners looking for a low-cost yet long-lasting heating option. Gas furnaces can handle below-freezing temperatures, and you can rely on them during the coldest months of the year. However, since gas furnaces use compressed gas, there is always a risk of gas leaks, and they also produce toxic exhaust gases that should be adequately routed to avoid harm.  

Heat pumps:

Heat pumps can perform both cooling and heating functions, and we recommend them to homeowners looking for a heating option that can also be used to cool the home during summer. Heat pumps work by transferring heat from the outside air to the indoor air to heat your home interior. During summers, heat pumps reverse the transfer and transfer the heat out of your home cooling your home in the process. Since most heat pumps run on electricity, they are usually less efficient, and another drawback of heat pumps is that they can only perform the heating function as long as the outside air is not too cold. However, buying a heat pump with a dual fuel mechanism can be more efficient since they run on electricity and gas to maximize efficiency.  

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