All You Need to Know Before Heat Pump Installation
Dec 2021

All You Need to Know Before Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps are HVAC unit that works by taking out the warmth from the surroundings to produce heating for your house. Mainly, they have three types: air source, ground source, and water source heat pump –each appliance is known by the source they take the heat from, and thus they function and work differently. Therefore, before booking a heat pump installation service, you need to decide the type of unit suitable for your requirements. 

To make a rational choice, it is critical to understand the working and benefits that this HVAC unit offers. If you want to know these things, keep on reading.

How Does Unit Work After Heat Pump Installation?

The working of a heat pump is straightforward. It can take the source for heating from either ground, water, or air to provide a warm environment and hot water in the house. In the following section, you’ll be reading about its step-by-step work. Let’s begin.


Before anything comes collect the heat from surroundings. Depending on the pump you choose, the unit can gather the heat source from water, air, or ground. This process takes place in the evaporator, where the refrigerant changes from liquid form to gas.


As the refrigerant is converted into gas form, it is further compressed to raise its heating level. This warm air then later can be used to heat radiators. 


When the refrigerant transfers the warmness in your heating system, it will gradually cool down and condense back to liquid form. This process happens within the heat exchanger. 


Once the refrigerant is cooled down, it will pass through the expansion valve, where the liquid’s pressure is decreased and comes back to the evaporator to begin the whole cycle again.

Generally, this is how the heat pump works. To get you ready for your heat pump service, here is what you can expect from our services.

What to Expect During Heating Service?

Before starting the heat pump installation process, our technicians will perform a site check to locate the best area to install the pump. During this check, the most important step is to see the insulation level as it can affect the size of the heat pump you need. 

If you have decided to get the water-source pump, we will have to check the water level on the land. On the contrary, the process of air pump installation is easy as long as the technicians at Wayne Heating and Air can find the best place to add the outdoor unit. For this part fitting, cables and heating pipes will be put through the wall to connect to the heating system.

The installation of a ground-source heat pump is relatively expensive because of the additional labor required. Digging and drilling are required for inserting boreholes and pipes. We need to make sure our diggers have good access to do the job right.

Are Heat Pumps Worth the Investment?

The cost of installing and operating different heat varies quite a bit. It is less expensive to run a ground-source unit as the temperature of that area is relatively constant, allowing the pump to work efficiently.

All in all, every type of heat pump can help you save anywhere from 30-40% of your total energy bills. However, if you can’t keep up the maintenance, the efficiency will be affected. 

So, now that you are aware of the basics of urgent heat pump installation, move on to the next section, where we answer the most asked questions about the unit.

Where should a heat pump be installed?

The ideal spot for heat pump installation is where you can easily reach for maintenance and services later. You don’t want it to be in a position where it is hard to fix any issue that comes after regular use. Due to all these reasons, we prefer to install it at the back of the property.

What temperature is a heat pump not effective?

Heat pumps will be unable to operate efficiently when the temperature drops down to 25-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the outside temperature drops to 40, the heat pump will lose its efficiency and use more energy to work.

Can you install a heat pump in an old house?

The old house with its current heating system can easily be replaced with a modern system. So, even if your house building is old, call our technicians for heat pump installation.

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