How to Prepare For A New Furnace Installation at Your Home? Tips by Wayne’s Heating And Air
12 July 2021

furnace installation

If there is an appliance that lasts a long time, it has to be a furnace. You can easily find many furnaces that are working correctly after 15 to 20 years of use. However, all good things must come to an end, and furnaces must be replaced whether they aren’t heating properly or due to efficiency or safety concerns. At Wayne’s Heating and Air, we specialize in furnace installation and maintenance. Our team can handle both fresh installations and replacements. Timely furnace installation can ensure that you don’t end up with a broken or faulty furnace when you need it in winter. Our technicians at Wayne’s Heating and Air are equipped with all the latest tools and techniques required to carry out a furnace installation properly. However, there are some preparations homeowners can do to make the furnace installation go even more smoothly. So if you are looking for tips on preparing for a furnace installation at your home, we suggest you read this article thoroughly.

Preparations To Make Before Furnace And Air Conditioning Repair Companies Arrive For Furnace Installation

Even though furnace and air conditioning repair companies such as us are used to working in different conditions, it is a fact that furnace installation is a complex task. This is why we recommend against trying to install a furnace on a DIY basis. Furnace installation can be challenging even for trained professionals, and a little preparation by you can go a long way in perfect installation. So without further ado, here are some tips on how you can prepare for furnace installation including, insights into why furnaces fail prematurely:

Make sure you have the correct replacement furnace:

When replacing the furnace with a new one or installing a new furnace on your property, you must make sure it is the right size and type. Our furnace experts can help you identify your heating needs and help you choose the right kind of furnace. We make sure you get a furnace that can easily bear the heating load of your home without losing efficiency. So, before you schedule an installation, make sure you work with our experts to choose the correct replacement option.

Ensure the path is clear:

Furnaces are big appliances, and the installation team will need all the space they can use to take out the old furnace and bring the new one in. So make sure that your driveway is clear and there isn’t any unnecessary barrier such as your vehicles, lawn equipment, and other items blocking the way. At the same time, hallways, stairs, floors, or any other areas leading to the place where the furnace is installed should be cleared beforehand. This will ensure that the HVAC companies representatives can quickly remove the old furnace from the house and bring in the fresh furnace to replace it.

Ensure kids and pets are safe:

While furnaces are primarily installed in garages and basements where children and pets rarely go, it is best to play it safe and keep an eye on them. If your children or pets are scared of loud noises, you may have to send them to a neighbor’s or relative’s house on the day of furnace installation.   

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Living in the Blue Ridge area, I called Wayne’s and they promptly sent out a service technician. He quickly assessed the problem and fixed the HVAC within 15 minutes. I would highly recommend them for any future work. The pricing was also very reasonable.

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