Why do Furnaces Fail Prematurely as per Wayne’s Heating And Air?
Sep 2021

Why do Furnaces Fail Prematurely as per Wayne’s Heating And Air?

There is nothing worse than having a faulty or failing furnace in the middle of winter. A malfunctioning furnace is a source of discomfort and a potential health risk due to lack of heating, but it can cost a lot of money to replace. Furnaces are not cheap, and we at Wayne’s Heating and Air understand that homeowners want to get the most out of them. While our expert furnace technicians at Wayne’s Heating and Air are available 24/7 if a furnace problem arises, some homeowners may want to dig deeper and find out the causes of why furnaces fail. That makes sense because when you know how failure can occur, you can take steps to prevent it from happening. In this article, we are going to explain why furnaces fail prematurely, so read on.

Furnace Failure Reasons As Per Air Conditioning Repair Companies

While a furnace can go wrong for so many reasons because furnaces are made of many parts, some components frequently cause problems. Air conditioning repair companies such as ourselves have seen a pattern that some reasons for furnace failure are more common. So without further ado, here are some reasons why furnaces may fail:

Blower motor failure: A blower is a primary component of your furnace as it creates the airflow to circulate heat throughout your home. Since a blower motor is directly connected to the duct system, if the duct system is blocked or the ducts aren’t installed properly, it can cause the blower motor to work harder. Over time, the excess load on the blower motor can cause it to wear out faster, and you can end up with a dead engine in the middle of winter. Since ductwork installation requires knowledge and expertise, it is best to get it installed under the supervision of a reputed furnace and ductwork expert such as our trained furnace team. By making sure your furnace blower is not working harder than it should be, you can make it last longer.

Igniter issues: Common myths about gas furnaces debunked as the name suggests, the igniter provides the spark needed for gas furnaces to start burning and heating your home. However, it is not uncommon for the igniter to wear out faster if your basement is poorly ventilated or has excess humidity. Not to mention if you have store cleaning supplies and other chemicals near your furnace, the fumes can also cause moisture to build on your igniter and cause it to wear out.

Clogged filters: Since your furnace is circulating air inside your home, it is crucial to filter it out. However, clogged-up filters can do the same damage to your blower motor as the clogged ducts and restricted airflow. Not to mention dirty air filters are not going to keep the air quality of your home up to par. That is why furnace and HVAC maintenance companies recommend cleaning furnace filters regularly to reduce the load on your furnace and make it last longer.

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