Three Signs Your HVAC Needs Servicing by Wayne's Heating and Air Company
Sep 4 2020

Three Signs Your HVAC Needs Servicing by Wayne's Heating and Air Company

Earth's climate is changing, and the summers are getting warmer while winters are getting record-low temperatures. This reason is why heating and cooling systems have become a necessity during these extreme temperatures. In case your heating and air conditioning system breaks down suddenly during severe weather, it can turn into more than just an inconvenience for you and your family.  To avoid sudden heating and air conditioning system failure, Wayne's Heating and Air Company suggests looking out for these three signs. So you can spot any possible issues with your air conditioning system earlier on without having to deal with a costly and lengthy repair. Of course, if your HVAC is not cooling or heating at all, it is a clear sign that you need to get it looked at. With that being said, here are three things that you need to look out for. If you notice any one of them, get in touch with Wayne's heating and air Company regarding your home or commercial heating and air conditioning system.

Your HVAC system can't Keep Up with North Georgia's Heating And Air Conditioning Requirements

North Georgia stays hot with summer temperatures exceeding 85 degrees Fahrenheit and night temperatures can drop to below 60 degrees. These daily temperature fluctuations mean your HVAC needs to perform both the cooling and heating functions properly. However, if your HVAC can't keep up with North Georgia's Heating and Air Conditioning fluctuations, it is a sign that it might be time to get the best HVAC services from Wayne's heating and air Company. As soon as you notice your air conditioning system is not maintaining the set temperature either at night or daytime, it is time to give us a call for an inspection. Ideally, your HVAC should be able to maintain the set temperature at all times.

If the HVAC frequently turns on and off it might need our air conditioning services

Your air conditioning system goes through cooling cycles to maintain the desired temperatures. These cooling cycles mean it turns on when the temperature starts to exceed or reduce from the set temperature and turns itself off when the temperature is maintained. However, if your HVAC turns on and off frequently, it might be a sign that it is overheating, or there is something wrong with the electronic or mechanical components. If your HVAC is short-cycling, we suggest calling in our air conditioning services at the following number (706) 444-0007.

Strange smells coming from your HVAC

Your HVAC is designed to filter and clean the air before letting it inside your living space. However, if that mechanism fails, you might start smelling unpleasant odors from your HVAC. Sometimes these smells can be so bad that you will be forced to Google "Air conditioner maintenance." While most odors coming from an air conditioning system only require cleaning and servicing, other more serious odors require more urgent care. Especially if you smell a burning odor coming from your AC, turn off all power to the unit and call us immediately.

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