Tips for Buying Heating Unit Before Heat Pump Installation
Dec 2021

Tips for Buying Heating Unit Before Heat Pump Installation

If you plan to get a heating device to keep your house warm, this is a place for you. Often, homeowners focus more on the heat pump installation rather than buying equipment, which is the biggest mistake they make as they, later on, think there is a problem with the fitting. To help you out, in this guide, we have listed down some of the tips to help you buy a heat pump.

Consider the Size of the Equipment for The Heat Pump Installation

One of the biggest factors that play a role in installing the heat pump is its size. Ensure to get the proper guidance on the size from the dealer you are buying from; you can also contact Wayne Heating and Air experts to help you out with the decision.

The total square footage equation can be used to determine the equipment to get. For instance, for an area of about 400 sq. ft, you'll need a pump that is close to one ton.

Features of The Compressor

Look for equipment whose compressor consumes less energy and doesn't wear out quickly. We suggest you do a two-speed compressor – that conditions the air after considering the required capacity. This way, the pump will hardly operate at full capacity; consequently, consuming less energy. The fewer increases the lifespan of the equipment.

On top of the efficient energy use, it also ensures that the internal parts of the pump won't get worn out anytime soon.  

Check the Insulation Level Around the House

Before purchasing the unit, you should consider the insulation level around the house, including the attic, subfloors, and walls. A well-insulated house helps retain the heat longer, so you can even get away with buying a small pump. You can save money by buying a small unit and saving a good amount on energy bills.

Consider the Current Duct System Before Getting a Heating Service

The proper construction of the duct system is necessary for the efficient working of any HVAC unit. Most of the heat pump service that we get to improve the unit's working is due to the problems in ductwork, so it isn't something you can take lightly. 

The main task of the heat pump system is to pump out warm air throughout the house, and a well-insulated and sealed duct ensures to maintain the right air temperature.

Cost of the Pump

The cost of buying a heat pump is a significant investment. You should consider the efficiency rating of a unit before purchasing it. Though you might feel the initial cost going up as the rating increases, the monthly operational cost surely decreases over time.

These are some of the factors that you should consider when looking to buy a heat pump. Choosing an affordable yet high-quality pump is possible only if you follow the pointers mentioned above. If you still struggle to find a unit that fits your requirements, contact us.

Besides providing reliable heat pump installation, we help you find a pump based on your house requirements and budgets.

If you want to know more about factors to consider before heat pump installation, move on to our next section, where we answer the most frequently asked question about the equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What affects the performance of a heat pump?

Thanks to technological advancements, heat pumps today are more energy-efficient, and to enjoy these benefits to the fullest, the overall system parts must work properly. The list includes a compressor, heat exchanger, and motor. 

Another factor that impacts the performance is heat pump installation. Luckily, with our services, you don't have to face issues with it.

What are the four main components of a heat pump?

With the approaching winter, the reliance on the heat pump will also increase. So, as you increase its usage, you must understand its parts as well. Knowing so will help you use the unit more effectively. The main components that you should know before heat pump installation include:

  •          Compressor
  •          Condenser
  •          Expansion device
  •          Evaporator

How can I increase the efficiency of my heat pump? 

With the regular use of the heat pump in the coming season, here are some tips you can use to ensure it works efficiently:

  •          Keep the pump running (operate it throughout the year)
  •          Manage the thermostat properly
  •          Clean the outdoor unit frequently
  •          Replace the filter (as recommended by the manufacturer)


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