What is Included in the Maintenance Done By Wayne's Heating and Air?
December 2020

What is Included in the Maintenance Done By Wayne's Heating and Air?

When you get regular professional maintenance done by us, you can prolong the useful life of your AC system and make sure that you don't need emergency repairs. At Wayne heating and the Air, we have a team of trained and authorized technicians to perform the necessary maintenance on your AC. There is a difference between a local technician's professional care and the maintenance done by a certified, experienced technician. Once you try the best AC maintenance services done by Wayne's Heating and Air you can expect a thorough inspection followed by a maintenance routine to ensure your AC is working in peak condition. With that being said, here are the maintenance steps you can expect from a trained technician such as us.  

Maintenance Steps You Can Expect From A Professional Air Conditioning Services Provider

A reputed and experienced air conditioning services provider will have a checklist that he will use to inspect and maintain your AC. Knowing what this checklist contains makes sure that your AC maintenance has been done correctly. So here are some items that are included in the AC maintenance checklist of a trained AC technician.

Inspecting electrical connections:

AC units use a lot of power, and any loose or damaged electrical connections can damage your unit over time. Not to mention you will lose energy efficiency if any electrical connection is not fitted properly. We thoroughly inspect all the electrical connections for both the indoor and outdoor units to ensure there are no electrical hazards or loose connections.

Lubrication of moving parts:

North Georgia weather can be demanding when it comes to heating and air conditioning needs. The heavy usage of the AC can cause friction between moving parts, and therefore it is essential to lubricate the moving components regularly. We make sure to lubricate all moving parts of the AC to ensure durability and efficiency.

Replacing/cleaning of Air Filters:

Every modern AC system comes with air filters that prevent dust and other debris from getting into the air of your home; this is why we always clean or replace the air filters during regular maintenance to make sure you and your family keep breathing in clean and safe air. We also inspect the drainage system to make sure it is working correctly.

Cleaning the outdoor unit:

If any component of your home AC is exposed most to the elements, it is the outdoor unit. This is why we make sure that the outdoor unit is free from dirt and debris, and nothing is clogging it. We also inspect the fans of the outdoor system and clean the fan blades to ensure proper functioning.

Operational assessment:

We inspect your AC's controls and monitor the turn-on and shut-down sequence of your AC to ensure it is working properly. 

Coolant levels:

A good technician will always come prepared to your home with tools to inspect the AC's coolant level. We refill the coolant to the optimal levels if needed.


Looking for air conditioner maintenance services on Google but can't find a reputed company in Blairsville, Georgia. Just give us a call at (706) 444-0007, and we will handle all your AC maintenance needs.

Living in the Blue Ridge area, I called Wayne’s and they promptly sent out a service technician. He quickly assessed the problem and fixed the HVAC within 15 minutes. I would highly recommend them for any future work. The pricing was also very reasonable.

- Karl Windischmann